IBAN Validator/Generator

IBAN Validator/Generator 64 bit version (Trial)
IBAN Validator/Geberator 32 bit version (Trial)

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Information :-

This is a tool that generates valid IBANs for a selection of UK banks.
It is an offline tool that incorporates the same algorithm used by banks.
Hence , the app does not require connection to the internet.

The idea behind the app is to provide a quick way of identifying an
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) from information such
as account number , sort code and bank name.

The tool is Excel-based and has two worksheets. One is for generating
IBANs and the other is for checking given IBANs . The former is for UK
use only whilst the latter can be used to check the validity of IBANs for
any country.

More UK banks will be added to the list of banks in coming upgrades.

Warnings :
1) The fact that the tool generates a valid IBAN does not in itself mean that
the particular bank account actually exists.It is only valid to the extent that the
check-digit test of the IBAN string has been passed. You will need to
get the necessary external verification if you are considering making a payment.

2)There is no 100% guarantee that the IBAN generated by the tool will
always be correct . Only a bank can give that guarantee. As such, the tool
should be used with care.

3)Only valid for UK-based banks