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A great combination !

Goodbye Enterprise !

It was with sadness that I heard the news  last year that Quickbooks Enterprise was being discontinued in the UK.  The last available version is 2014 and, from what I have heard, support will end in July 2017. As you know from my earlier posts I am a great fan of QBE.

Please note , however, that the international version will still continue to be released. Although  it will not be suitable for the UK’s VAT system, there are workarounds. You also have the option of using Quickbooks Pro or Premier and version 2016 is out.

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Enterprise has finally landed in the UK!

Yes, a UK version was released in 2012. It was  Quickbooks Enterprise version 12 which handles UK VAT.

Now version 13 is out and I have tested it with Windows 8. It works very smoothly and I will add further comments later.

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