Quickbooks and Excel

A great combination !

Tool for generating and validating IBANs

I have written a macro that performs the necessary algorithm to arrive at an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) on the basis of the account number and bank only. That mean that there is no need to go online to check on an IBAN; you can generate it with this tool.

The tool also has a feature to check an IBAN that you are provided with. Please note that it is only checking the validity of the IBAN as far as the construction and check digits are concern. It does not verify if a bank account actually exists. Hence, it should be used with care.

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VAT Number validation Tool

I have published an Excel tool that validates any EU VAT number and provides full business name and address if valid.

It only caters for EU countries.

The tool is free to download and use and requires internet connection.  See links below.

Movie link

Download link

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