Quickbooks and Excel

A great combination !

Importing excel Purchase Orders/Requisitions into Quickbooks desktop

It is often the case that the buying department of a company have their own system for making requisitions and sending orders out to suppliers. They then feed the accounts department with copies of the requisitions and POs which they have prepared in excel or Word.  The accounts department then checks these against invoices from suppliers. Alternatively, they enter all excel POs on QuickBooks and end up duplicating  work done by the buying department.

To avoid this scenario , I have designed a Purchase Requisition template in excel. This template can be completed by the person ordering the goods and then emailed to the accounts department. Once the accounts department receive this , all they need to do is click on the macro button at the buttom right and an IIF file will be generated. The IIF file can then be imported into Quickbooks as a Purchase Order. This can then be printed and  sent to the Supplier (or Vendor , if you are American)

See clip below.





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